Who is protecting Jeremy Young, the Bradford sicko - and why?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Who is protecting Jeremy Young, the Bradford sicko - and why?

Jeremy Young, a housing association tenant who caused widespread concern over sexual remarks he made about his stillborn baby daughter, has been investigated by the Child and Public Protection Unit, Bradford. The investigation was confirmed by both the police and the NSPCC. Due to Data Protection, no other details were provided.

Young, a hoax blogger who goes under the name of "trannyfattyacid" made a number of references describing sex acts with his stillborn baby. Because of this and several other references to sex between children and parents, there was widespread concern for his new baby.
Young also alleges that well known and widely respected Australian blogger Mike Hitchen, aims to have the new child taken away from Young and his wife. He fails to point out that it is not the action of one man on the other side of the world that would cause that to happen - only the actions of himself and/or his wife.

Which makes you wonder why he is so afraid.

Afraid to the extent that Young and his supporters, in an organised and increasingly systemised attempt to discredit those who are known to raise awareness of child expoitation issues, attack the blogs of anyone connected with Mike Hitchen, flooding them with abusive comments, unwanted email notifications of posts and posting altered images of the bloggers on spoof blogs and selling vulgar T shirts adorned with my image.

I am not their only target. They have also attacked two people who are well known to British media and child protection agencies for their public profile on child welfare issues.

Just who - and what - are these people protecting?

One of Young's supporters - Jill Havern a discredited author and operator of the Freeway Driving School in Copston Grove, Birmingham, is also the subject of a police complaint, following an admitted hoax call to New South Wales police. Investigating officers described the pair as "sick nutters"

Havern has been banned from several online forums for abuse, intimidation and posting of other people's personal information.

Within a short time of being investigated, Young and/or his supporters flooded the message boards of Bradford Community Broadcasting and Beehive Poet's Society, with abusive posts aimed against Mike Hitchen.

It's interesting to note that child protection agencies and Bradford Police, allow those who raise concerns about child welfare issues to be openly intimidated - even though the matter was bought to their attention. It would certainly make concerned members of the public think twice before reporting their concerns.

However, I am not one to be intimidated. When you run a successful farm, you don't listen to the noise of the chooks as they scratch around in the dirt and their own crap. Which is why I'm still here - stronger than ever.

Again I ask - what are these people protecting or hiding?

Hopefully Young, who lives in an area normally reserved for substance abusers and who is now openly soliciting donations on a number of spoof blogs containing adult related images and content, will be closely monitored by child protection agencies so that the new child is not exploited by Young, in the same way suffered by his daughter.

The last thing Britain needs, is yet another avoidable tragedy involving a child.

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