Risk Assessment

Monday, March 17, 2008

Risk Assessment

Jeremy Young.

You write a lot about mental illness.
You write a lot about still born babies - in great detail.
You write about sexual acts with your daughter.
You write about relationships between a seven year old and his mother.
You write about porn on your PC.
You publish a blog known for its vulgarity and obscenities.
You and your ilk are behind a spoof blog containing pornographic images
It's been reported that you are prescribed medication but you don't take it.

My own blog has a large international audience, yet the only ones complaining about me are a small band of British - like a club.

If you tried to adopt a baby - what do you think your chances would be?


You would be considered a risk. You are Michael Jackson and Britney Spears rolled into one.

You display all the elements to be considered "high risk".

Is your own child any safer?

How many more warning signs are needed?

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