Robbing a child of her dignity and robbing the people of West Yorkshire

Friday, March 14, 2008

Robbing a child of her dignity and robbing the people of West Yorkshire

Jeremy Young lives in a housing association flat. One would assume the accommodation is subsidised. I wonder how Bradford ratepayers would feel knowing their hard earned money helps fund Young's dedication to his obscene blog where not even his own daughter is safe from sexual degradation.

Just think people of Bradford, while you are out working, Young is hunched over a porn laden PC, (according to his own poem) planning and carrying out attacks on other bloggers - people who speak out against what he himself practices - the exploitation of children. It takes a lot of time to post comments under other people's names and stalk targets as they leave comments on other blogs - blogs he and the likes of Jill Havern, a driving instructor from Birmingham, (who is well versed in stalking), then attack. His targets can not even leave a comment on a photoblog without that blog being his next victim.

Does he declare the income he gets from a blog that is so loaded with Amazon adverts and PayPal donation buttons, that it takes half an hour to open the ruddy thing? If you believe his boasts about the number of visitors to his blog, this would be a very lucrative additional income stream - especially if it is undeclared.

Young robbed his daughter of her dignity and he robs those in Bradford who work hard and don't publicly degrade their children - people quite different to himself.

Young is a man of many agendas and very few scruples. But "aint the welfare state wonderful".

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