April 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bradford child pervert Jeremy Young confirms to police that he doesn't care about his family

Bradford child pervert Jeremy Young - the man who sexually exploited his stillborn baby and allowed his supporters to sexually exploit yet another baby by using an image stolen from and NSPCC campaign, has confirmed to police he does not care about the welfare of his family.

He confirmed that his priority is the campaign against award winning bogger Mike Hitchen, along with attacks on two other high profile child welfare activists. His actions have the backing of his wife, who apparently has no objections to him writing about others masturbating over images of their stillborn baby. Nice lady his wife.

Perhaps this poor excuse for a woman, and an even poorer excuse of a mother, will be more protective of their newborn child. Given the prolonged deranged antics of this man who lives in housing association accommodation reserved for junkies and alcoholics, one doubts it.

Never mind, no doubt we will be able to read the excuses of child welfare agencies in the tabloids and Jeremy Young can write another poem to one of his children asking yet again - what did they do wrong for the child to leave them.

He is joined in his actions by Jill Havern, a discredited author and operator of the Freeway Driving School, Copston Grove, Selly Oak, and the subject of a complaint to the Driving Standards Authority, as well as West Midlands Police, and Elizabeth Jane Freer, Selkirk Street, Methil, Fife, whose last proposed business venture was to drive around Fife in a purple mini, advertising herself as a strict governess.

Young obviously attracts people like himself and his wife - dysfunctional non-achievers.

It is little wonder that some British politicians have called for parents like Young and his wife to be sterilised. Britain has enough child welfare problems without adding to them.

Good luck kid - with parents like the Youngs, you are going to need all the luck you can get - just ask their daughter. The one Young betrayed, failed and exploited for his own twisted agenda.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Supporters of Bradford's stillborn baby pervert attack teacher

The latest tactic by the supporters of Bradford child pervert Jeremy Young and his wife, is an attack on a teacher - revealing personal information and a false claim that well known Australian blogger Mike Hitchen, had been accused of criminal activity by Bradford police.

It is the latest is a long series of attacks targeting those who raise awareness of child welfare issues - including the blogs of two high profile activists well known to and respected by the British media, for their work in highlighting deficiencies in the child protection system.

The question has to be asked - what is the real agenda behind these attacks - and why are Young and his supporters so afraid that they resort to proveable lies and intimidation?

Incidentally Young, how is your newborn baby - the one so many people have concerns for? Have you written about people masturbating over his image the same way as you did about your stillborn baby? If you do, will that too have the approval of your wife - the childs mother? Perhaps as with your daughter, you will as you said yourself, pull his picture "from among the porn on my PC".

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Child abuse: Supporters of Bradford child pervert Jeremy Young, use NSPCC baby photo on blog containing adult content

Child abuse: Supporters of Bradford child pervert Jeremy Young, use NSPCC baby photo on blog containing adult content.

The supporters of Jeremy Young, a housing association tenant in Bradford, who repeatedly wrote about others wanting to masturbate over images of his stillborn baby, and of pulling her photo, "from the porn on my pc," have published a photo of a baby on a spoof blog designed to discredit an Australian blogger, known for raising awareness of child exploitation issues.

The spoof blog is know for it's vulgar content often pulled from "adult" websites.

The photo is one used by the NSPCC in a child abuse awareness campaign.

It is one of several instances where babies been exploited by his supporters. Not only does he exploit his own child to suit his warped agernda - he endorses the exploitation of other babies.

One also has to wonder about the wife of Jeremy Young. What sort of a mother must she be to willingly let her husband talk about others masturbating over images of her stillborn baby and endorsing the use of a photo of baby on a blog containing adult content.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

West Yorkshire Police - it is we who are the victims, not Jeremy Young the Bradford child pervert

I received a very unprofessional email from a PC at Bradford Police informing me that Young had lodged a complaint against me. Given this pervert's record, it was to be expected.

The email contained what was in effect a "gagging order"on an Australian resident living in Sydney. It was clear the PC had only listened to one side of the story, a fact confirmed by her supervisor when I checked the authenticity of the email. "I have read your official complaint and can see that this is clearly not a one sided matter and that Mr Young has also acted inappropriately with his internet behaviour. Due to this he will be given exactly the same request as you have to be mindful of the posts that both he and those linked to him make." Abusive posts on obscene spoof blogs continue.

This is my response to PS Alan Travis

Dear Alan,

Thank you for confirming the email was genuine. I will make my position

The Victims

My mother
My father
My online and offline friends - including a dear departed friend
My former fiancee
My associates

We are the victims - and we all strongly resent being depicted and treated
as the villains in this issue.

i On Global Trends, had a great community going until Young and his
supporters chose to spoil it. Innocent people suddenly found themselves the
target of the malicious, twisted venom of Young and his supporters. Many
were mature aged females new to blogs and online forums. His victims rightly
felt intimidated and scared.

Example: "Cloning names is the reason why I post as anonymous".

My readers enjoyment of the Internet was spoiled by a systemised and
deliberate hate campaign started and encouraged by Young. Let's not forget,
we were not his first victims - he targeted other blogs before he chose to
target mine. It's what he does. As media here would say - it's how he gets
his rocks off.

Take a look at my blogs. Do you see altered images of others? Do you see
vulgar or obscene language or "adult" images? Do you see false allegations?
Do you see impersonation of other posters?


But I can tell you several places where you will see it - and they all lead
back to Young.

This is just one example of an attempted post to my blog on Nov 27 - shortly
after the harassment began. It was sent in the full knowledge that it would
also go to two female moderators. I have censored certain words. The
original was uncensored. As with all examples I have sent, I hold the
originals, including unclicked, "publish" or "reject" links.

"Your such a (expletive deleted) slut,you big fat (expletive deleted) b*ch,
you and your Captain Paedophile Birdseye. you're too (expletive deleted)
thick to see he is a ar** (expletive deleted)-hole will come
to you as your worst nightmare! shame on you!do you get that dick face
little girls too? you think you're good slut? you just say idiots, is that
the only word you know? or is your (C word expletive deleted) drooling that
much? shut your (expletive deleted) mouth and do what your master has
(expletive deleted) paid for. btw how much does the stinking man pays for
you? Don't bother! What a (expletive deleted) B***h Sucker."

It is nice to know that Young's child will grow up in an environment where
intellectual freedom of expression is actively encouraged.

Messages such as the above were sent night after night in rapid succession.
I have kept 153 of the milder insults and threats. The rest, (apart from the
above example) were not something I wanted to keep. At one stage, there were
over 2,500 in my "Abuse" folder. Can you imagine the effect of having to
cope with high-intensity abuse on a nightly basis?

Distress to his family.

Bulldust. He made remarks about my family, my mother and my father, long
before I made remarks about the daughter whose memory he publicly betrayed
by repeatedly using the child as a sexual tool in his campaign against
myself and anyone remotely connected with me.

I remind you that remarks attributed to me (often altered from the original)
were made in private forums - forums they publicly boast about hacking into
or infiltrating. Posts to my new private forum are still being copied and
pasted to spoof blogs created by his fan club.

* It was Young and his supporters who made remarks public.

* Young not only allowed them to do so, he allowed the comments to stay and
gleefully advertised their presence. Links to the comments were posted on
other blogs.

* If Young was as distressed and worried about his family as he now
conveniently claims, he would have -

(1) asked his "team" to refrain from doing so
(2) removed the comments
(3) ceased the attacks on myself, family and supporters. Instead, he not
only continued the attacks, they gained in intensity and became more

* Young's alleged distress is of his own making - not mine. It's that

The touchy-feely stories he now tries to peddle is of no interest to me -
gullibility is something I leave to others. I endured several months of
abuse before I created the latest blog, and the simple truth is that the
bully boy can dish it out, but can't take it. Hard luck.

The day before Christmas Eve, a reader tried to post a comment in my
defence. She mentioned that her father had recently died and his funeral was
on Christmas Eve. Young and his followers made fun of both the poster and
her father.

I don't give a toss about any distress caused to Young. I care about the
distress caused to his innocent victims and their families. He had - and
still has - the power to stop it. He made the call not me.

I have no time for those who make choices then complain about any
undesirable consequences of their actions. Nor am I interested in portrayals
of Young as the poor, innocent, loving family man. He is the one who talked
publicly about others masturbating over his images of his stillborn baby and
"pimping" her out. If he said that to anyone in Sydney, he would soon find
out what distress really is.

It's a pity that Young's concern for his family did not include less time
blogging about others, and more time spent looking after his pregnant wife.

Incidentally, I notice the Constable chose to comment on my remarks, but not
on the utterly distasteful remarks made by Young about myself.

My Actions

I have said nothing in my blogs that is either illegal or unethical. I use
Young's own words and actions - words and actions he himself had already
made public.

PC Thomas's Email

The letter I received from your PC was unprofessional. I have experience
with police media units within NSW, and had that letter been written here,
it would have been tossed in the rubbish bin where it belongs. Not only did
it contain spelling mistakes, lack of punctuation and grammar - it gave the
wrong message to the intended target audience. It was the unprofessional
standard of the letter that caused me to doubt its authenticity.

You describe a "polite request". If it was intended to be a request, PC
Thomas, should have made that fact clear but she failed to do so.

"take note of this letter and refrain from posting any further details about
Mr Young and his family on either your websites or any other forums you
access." would not be perceived as a request - it would be perceived as a
directive. It is the responsibility of the messenger to ensure the recipient
understands the message - not that of the recipient.

"West Yorkshire Police are in contact with Mr Young who will report any
further incidents." would similarly be perceived as a thinly veiled threat.

I take strong exception to PC Thomas's description of my actions as: "some
sort hate campaign". It is totally inaccurate and again unprofessional. The
thousands of comments on Young's own blog, in addition to those on the spoof
blogs, would constitute a hate campaign.

Myself and others were concerned for the welfare of his new child - and
given his long history of bizarre behaviour, we had every right to have such
concerns. I went public to raise awareness of these concerns on behalf of
myself and others.

It appears that those who are vested with the responsibility of protecting
children, allow an atmosphere of intimidation against those who raise
concerns. It's interesting that while the NSPCC and Social Services thanked
me for bringing these issues to their attention - Bradford police have not.
Instead, I have been treated as the offender.


Even if we were in the same country, mediation would not be an option. It
incorrectly suggests that I too am to blame. I totally reject any such
suggestion. I exercised my right of reply to Young's actions.


There are two options and neither are negotiable.

Option One

* Young makes a public apology to myself, my family, my friends and my
associates. He will specifically mention people I nominate. If the Daily
Express can apologise to suspects in a major crime, Young can apologise to
the innocent victims of his campaign of harassment.

* Young and any party connected to Young, will immediately cease harassment
of myself; family; friends or associates, in any media or form of
communication - electronic or otherwise. This includes but is not limited
to: blogs, websites, public or private forums, chat rooms, attempted posts
to blogs, email, faxes, telephone, text messages, mail (as has been
threatened - "how would your mother like to get this in the mail").

* His blog may remain. The damage is already done. However -

* All spoof blogs are to be taken down. Once removed, they are not to be
reopened in any other guise in any media or form of communication -
electronic or otherwise.

In return -

* I will refrain from commenting on Young and his family.

* I will remove the "Identifying A Child At Risk" blog providing I have
written assurance that child welfare agencies are satisfied Young's child is
not at risk. I reserve the right to keep such an assurance on file.

I should point out that I am under no legal or moral obligation to make such

These are quite reasonable conditions. If Young and his associates are as
concerned about the safety and welfare of his family as they claim to be,
compliance should not present a problem.

It is now up to Young to decide his priorities.

If any of the above conditions are not complied with or agreed to -

Option Two

* A CD with all relevant information will be handed to New South Wales
Police, who have already -

(1) expressed their willingness to pursue the matter
(2) expressed willingness to consult with the Australian High Tech Crime
Authority and the Australian Federal Police. Portuguese police already have
a similar CD.

I would assume that in such circumstances, established channels of
cooperation would be used to obtain a court or restraining order, which are
the usual means of addressing issues such as online harassment.

* Currently a documentary on Young and his associates is being made. Non
compliance with Option One will result in completion and widespread media
distribution of the documentary. Given the reputation and profile of the
creator, exposure would be considerable.

* I will continue to raise awareness of the behaviour of Young and those
connected to Young.

PC Thomas advised: "West Yorkshire Police are in contact with Mr Young who
will report any further incidents" I expect the same level of cooperation.

If Young agrees, I will initially accept email confirmation of his
agreement. However, I would require written confirmation signed by a senior
officer. My home address is well known thanks to Young and his cohorts, but
for your convenience it is also contained in my sigline.

I understand the difficult position you are in, and I appreciate that you
realise it is not as clear cut as it may have been presented to you. I thank
you for the opportunity to put not just my side of the story - but that of
other victims of Young's activities.


Mike Hitchen

Note: In addition to the above, Young and his team's tactics also include:

* Posting a comment in my name to the Sun Herald, then boasting when it was published.

* Inundating online forums such as the Mirror Forum and 3arguidos with comments and personal information about myself and anyone connected with me.

It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that these are organised, systemised attacks on a massive scale - involving full time tracking of my activities. It is systemised stalking. It is up to the British police to (1) Discover who is behind these attacks (2) what is their real agenda. It is up to the police look after the victims of crime - not protect the perpetrators

Young has had since Sunday to consider these reasonable demands, yet I have received no sign of agreement and the attacks continue. His non-acceptance clearly demonstrates his real priorities - and as with his daughter - his priorities do not involve his family's welfare. He is continuing a course of action that he claims leads him to fear for his and his family's safety. He could stop, but he chooses not to.

Is a man who deliberately decides upon a course of action that he believes endangers his family's welfare, a suitable person to be considered a responsible father?

Yes, Bradford Social Services and the beleaguered West Yorkshire Police believe he is. But then again, they admit they believed Young's sad little story without checking the facts. Young misled them over the true nature of my action - did a man who is a proven liar mislead them over other issues as well?

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Did you mention....

Young, I have received an email from West Yorkshire Police, claiming you fear for your safety because of this legitimate blog.

These blogs are pretty recent. When you went running to the boys in blue, did you mention the campaign of harassment you and your supporters have waged against me since October?

Did you mention to them the hundreds of abusive comments you allowed and responded to on your blog, accusing me of being a paedophile - without once giving any reason or incidence that may have led you to think that?

Did you mention the number of posts you deleted when it became apparent to you that I was not going to be bullied?

Did you mention the literally thousands of attempted, abusive posts to my blog - going back to October - long before this blog appeared? Below is a small sample from December.

Dec 17, 2007 "Mike your neighbour in lane cove says your walks are not following the same pattern they used to.

Dec 18 2007 "How was Irene today Mike? Feeling a bit better?
(Irene is my mother)

Dec 29 2007 "Everything I do is legal and I'll find a way to close you down."

Did you mention this comment posted to the blog of another person rasing awareness of child welfare issues?

"PROFILE OF MIKE HITCHEN Your only commenter here:Moderator of soc.sexuality spanking. NSW Police investigated complaint against sick nutter Mike Hitchen. Also uses several different aliases CarlyMichelle, who is a known drug abuser. Also Mike Farmer alias, the Realtor who is pretty sick of his name being used for the purposes of dredging his name through forums."

You and your friends had a good laugh about that one. Apart from the well known fact about my being a moderator, not one word of it is true.

Did you mention that you have attacked other bloggers before?

The Bitchy Blog Wars
The Scottienda November 29th 2007 by Scottienda
I would like to register my support for fellow bloggers Zanderlibra and Mike Hitchens in their current 'blog war' against the loathsome internet troll, Trannyfattyacid.Trannyfattyacid recently published a MORON OF THE WEEK blog entry, which amounted read more

Internet Arseholism
The Scottienda October 26th 2007 by Scottienda
...I'm writing in response to the recent ' blog war' which has broken out between Wemyss Bay's favourite son Zanderlibra and the mysterious Transfattyacid...It all started when ZanderL blogged about Alisher Usmanov, and Transfatty had a wee go at him read more.

That blogger is no longer online. He described your well known tactics of cloning readers of your victim's blog - the same tactic you used on me.

Below is a short extract from Nov 28

Internet: Illegal impersonation of my readers on the blog of trannyfannyacid, AKA Jeremy Young
As many of you will be aware, a number of my readers have been illegally cloned in responses to a blog known as trannyfattyacid - especially on a series of articles, each one entitled MORON OF THE WEEK which Jeremy Young, posted in capital letters to make sure it stands out and show how clever he is.

Did you mention how you described my readers as "laptop bitches" and "sexual cyberslaves" You seem to have a thing about sex don't you Young?

It was YOU who mentioned others masturbating over photographs of your stillborn baby - especially myself - who you rather ironically described as a pervert.

It was YOU who used the term "pimping her out" in relation to your daughter.

Do you honestly think a right minded person would not find it offensive that a father quite happily makes such remarks about his daughter in public - and you have admitted doing so.?

You may live in an environment where such comments are considered acceptable, I do not - and I am bloody glad I don't.

Incidentally, you claim to have fears for the safety of your family. Then why do you not follow the advice given by police in relation to "harassment" and get off the net? You could have done so long ago but you continued your attacks and continued supporting and condoning your friends in their campaign against me.

There are now at least four spoof blogs about me using my photograph, my name, and pornographic images. Most were started before this blog was created.

I have had fears for the safety of myself and my family for several months - thanks to the actions of yourself and your rag-tag army of life's rejects. A small sample of the threatening emails I received long before this blog was published, have been forwarded to West Yorkshire Police.

As for me, I am not going anywhere.